Unbelievable Value Stables

We believe we offer the very best Mobile Field Shelters, Mobile Stables and Fixed Stables in the UK. At Colt Stables we focus on what is important. Firstly, you won’t find any expensive glossy brochures or show sites. These cost money. All our literature is on-line and we only show our product range off at county shows – which we’ll notify you about in advance on our blog.

Secondly, the majority of our paperwork and administration is carried out online. Sales are managed through our easy-to-use interactive shop. With the sales process automated, we save money and, yep you guessed it, pass these savings on.

Design Your Perfect Stable

Not only do we offer fantastic value stables for every need, we make designing your own stable fun! In our interactive shop you use a ‘drag and drop’ tool to design and build your perfect fixed stable. It’s an easy to use feature that lets you layout out the design of your stable on a grid and add additional features like tack rooms and hay stores.

Design your ideal stable yard here

Mobile Stables & Shelters

As well as giving you the option to design you own fixed stable, we also have a range of great value mobile field shelters and mobile stables for sale. Our ‘out of the box’ stable designs are offered with metal skids to give you your preferred mobile stable/field shelter.

To learn more about how to build your stable visit our How It Works section.

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The Best Value Stables in The UK

About Colt Stables

We are dedicated to producing quality equestrian buildings to a high specification at unbeatable prices. Our experience and involvement within the timber industry over many years has given us plenty of insight as to why the cost of equestrian buildings has risen so dramatically. High overheads have meant that prices get passed on to you, the consumer. Add the complexity of specifications and options to the mix and and your choice becomes a difficult one. At Colt Stables we keep things simple. We keep our overheads low and we concentrate on what is important.

In short, for quality equestrian timber buildings at superb prices with a minimum of fuss, the name to remember is COLT STABLES.

Nothing is too much trouble!

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