Mobile Field Shelters – Perfect For Winter

Mobile Field SheltersWinter is drawing in and whichever part of the country you live in, that means freezing temperatures, rain, wind, frost and snow is on it’s way. This time of the year can be a little distressing for horse owners if they don’t have a suitable environment for their animals to seek respite from the elements in. If only you had something to ensure their comfort and well-being throughout this harsh period…

Mobile field shelters are an excellent option for helping your horses survive winter in complete safety and comfort. Colt specialises in a range of mobile field shelters in different dimensions, so you can be sure we can cope with any demand. Here are the top three reasons why a new mobile field shelter can be the perfect early Christmas present for your animal/s.

1. Keep Your Horses Warm & Dry

We all know that at this time of the year the weather can be unpredictable. It could be crisp glorious sunshine one minute, and then raining cats and dogs the next. Giving your horses the option to seek shelter at any moment is great for their well being.

Also, with the field shelter being mobile, you are able to change the angle of the structure at a moments notice. This is particularly useful for protecting your animals from harsh winter winds and horizontal rain. If the elements are blowing straight into the field shelter, simply turn it around or move it to a more sheltered part of the field. Our mobile field shelters are extremely robust and are designed to withstand regular re-location.

2. Avoid Unpleasant Or Dangerous Situations

If your field resides near a river or stream, or on low lying ground, then you’ll be perfectly aware of what excessive rain can do during the winter months. Wading through bog can be exhausting, messy and even dangerous for you and standing in a squelchy field can be depressing for your horse. Not to mention the damage stagnant water could do to your field shelter.

With a mobile field shelter you can re-locate your animal’s normal sheltering area at a moments notice. If a particular area of the field becomes too damp or flooded, or if you can see it getting that way, you can move the shelter to another, drier part of the enclosure. If the entire field is flooded, and you have the option to, you can drag the mobile field shelter to another field altogether. This gives you enormous flexibility and peace of mind because if you do need to move your horses, you would not have to find them a new shelter or home at short notice.

3. Give Your Animals Freedom

As you well know, horses have different personalities. Some just love to be outside rain or shine, while others prefer to shelter away. If you own more than one horse and they shelter in the same field or paddock, its better to give them freedom of choice.

Mobile field shelters are a great alternative to the constraining nature of a fixed stable. Our mobile field shelters come with an optional gate that you can use provide a bit of security if needed, or it can be left open to let them come and go as they please. The best thing is that it gives the animals choice, leading to extremely happy and healthy horses.

No matter how many horses you own, Colt Stables can cater for your needs. Discover more about our range of mobile field shelters.