10.9m x 3.6m (36’ x 12’) Mobile Stable

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Our largest mobile stable model comes in a 10.9m x 3.6m dimension and includes metal skids fitted to handle the additional weight. Perfect for housing up to three horses or ponies separately, this portable building features two central partitions and three stable doors all lined with anti-chew strips for gnaw protection. Colt’s mobile stables are fast, flexible and affordable portable stabling solutions for horse and stable yard owners. They are perfect for people who can’t get planning permission, or who don’t own the land their horses are stabled on, as they can be moved from paddock or field at a moment’s notice.Click here for full specifications

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Product Description

Planning Permission

Because our mobile stables feature skids attached to the base, and require no ground works to be built and used, they are deemed non-permanent structures and are therefore exempt from planning permission. This saves you a lot of time, hassle and expense dealing with contractors and local authorities. If you would like more information on mobile stables and planning permission get in contact with us and we will be happy to provide advice.

Key Features

pressure-treated-timber-1To ensure longevity, our mobile stables are made from specially treated timber. We run our wood through a series of preservative treatment processes using a purpose-built vessel. First, we soak the timber in a water-based preservative called TANALITH E and allow the treatment to soak deep into the timber’s cells. We then vacuum dry it to remove excess solution and stack it to allow natural air drying. The result is a timber that is protected against fungal decay, wood rot and insect attacks, making our stables reliable for years to come and requiring minimal ongoing maintenance.
We use Shiplap as the exterior cladding for our mobile stables as it provides a water tight and smooth finish. Its rabbeted design protects the stable interior from the most torrential of rain and also allows for flexible dimensional movement when the building is being towed.
metal-skidsAs standard, our largest mobile stable is supplied with metal skids. To move the stable, you simply tie it to a 4×4 vehicle or tractor using the anchor points and tow chain provided, and drag it.
All mobile stables include 15mm OSB protective kick-board lining fitted as standard to the inside of the structure. Measured to 1.2m high, this lining provides extra strength and protection. If your animals have a habit of kicking out, this robust lining helps negate the damage they can cause.
mobile-stable-doorEach mobile stable unit comes with a robust, complete stable door fitted as standard. The doors measure 2085mm (6′ 10”) high, 1200mm (4′) wide and 50mm (2”) thick. Bottom doors are lined with 18mm (3/4”) heavy duty OS Board and include anti-chew strips extending 15” (380mm) down the front. Top doors are ledged and braced with both doors featuring galvanized door fittings like 450mm (18”) heavy tee hinges, 230mm (9”) autolock animal bolts, heavy duty kick bolts and cabin hooks.
We all know the damage that can be caused by gnawing and cribbing, which is why our mobile stable doors are lined with anti-chew strips extending 15 inches down the front. This not only provides an additional layer of protection, but also adds a polished aesthetic to the door finish.
tow-chainEach mobile stable model is fitted with a towing point and heavy-duty tow chain provided as standard. To relocate your stable, simply attach the tow chain to your vehicle and then at the towing eye point. You will then be able to easily drag the building to a new part of your field or paddock.
All mobile stables include black, half round, front guttering and a downpipe fitted to the front of the structure. This guttering helps stop puddles forming outside the front of the stable and causing a muddy and unpleasant entrance way for you and your animals.
Each 3.6m section of stable includes a clear onduline roof sheet fitted as standard. This allows more natural light into the stable to aid the well-being of your horse but also make daily grooming and maintenance tasks easier for you.
shelter-front-canopyAs standard our mobile stables include a front canopy/overhang. This canopy extends to 1200mm (4′) and provides extra shelter/shade for your animals, helping rain water drain away from the front stable opening. Canopies can be underlined as an optional extra.
For every stable unit, an opening window is fitted with perspex measuring 660mm x 460mm (26” x 18”). These windows are protected by solid metal bars spaced at 75mm (3”) centres and are great for ventilation and giving your animals views of the outside world. We also build in a stable vent to one side of the structure to help aid ventilation.
black-onduline-roofRoof purlins are 100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) spaced at 600mm (2’) centres, held in place by joist holders on prefabricated trusses, and then covered with black Onduline roof sheeting as standard. Onduline is an extremely robust, lightweight material that keeps the inside of your stable dry and doesn’t add unnecessary additional weight. Complementing each unit roof is a clear roof sheet that allows natural light into the stable and makes a pleasant living and working environment for animal and owner.


Upgrades & Extras

If you own particularly boisterous animals, or would just like a bit of extra protection, we can upgrade the thickness of your OSB kick-board lining from 15mm to 18mm. We can also fit kick-board beyond the standard 1.2m, right up to the stable’s eaves. For pricing and more information please contact one of our representatives.
coloured-onduline-roofing-1If you wish, you can upgrade our standard black Onduline roof sheet to a red, green or brown one for an additional charge. Choosing from these earthy colours can be a great way to help your stable blend in with it’s natural surroundings. For upgrade pricing and any other questions you may have about roofing, talk to one of our representatives today.

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