Stable Designs For Every Need

Colt Stables designs and builds stables for every need. We build stables of all shapes and sizes, requirements large and small. From simple unit stables for single horses, to large-scale stable blocks for multiple animals – with our stable manufacturing expertise, we can cater for anything.

Dealing with many customers over the years, we understand that choosing the right stable for you and your horse/s is not a simple decision. You want to make the right purchase, in terms of suitability and budget, knowing not all stable models will meet your needs. In this short article we outline the range of stables we manufacture, and provide examples of where each is fit for purpose.

Single Stables

Stable BlockOne of our most popular products are our single fixed stable units. Built to a high standard and made from long-lasting, pressure-treated timber, they are popular with first time horse owners or horse owners looking to upgrade or extend their current group of stables.

They are a fantastic value for money purchase that will last you and your animal/s for years to come.

Stable Blocks

A stable block is essentially any design that incorporates more than just a single stable unit. It could be as simple as two stable units attached together, or over ten stable units connected in one of our popular design layouts – including L-shapes, U-shapes, E-shapes or All-in-a-line. A stable block could also be a single stable unit with a tack room or hay store attached.

Our stable blocks are common options for livery or racing yards who have multiple animals to house or are looking to expand current designs. The flexibility of our designs mean we can incorporate into existing stable blocks and extend/add elements at a later date.

Mobile Stables

Single StablesAn increasingly popular option for many horse owners is our range of mobile stables. Built to the same exacting standards as our single stable units, our mobile stables offer the option of timber or metal skids attached to the base of the structure. They are available in a single unit design, up to three units in a row.

Mobile stables are particularly useful for people who prefer the flexibility of being able to move their stable/s around a field, or who need to purchase a stable quickly. Since mobile stables are not accountable for planning permission, it removes some of the time-consuming paperwork associated with laying foundations and making applications.

Efficient Stable Manufacturing

Everything Colt Stables does is about saving money and passing savings onto the customer. Whether its a single unit stable we’re building for you, or a 10+ unit stable block, our manufacturing process is designed as such to minimise production overheads. Reducing waste and unnecessary costs allows us to offer some of the country’s most competitively priced stables.

To purchase a single unit stable or design a stable block, visit our stable design page now. To read more about our range of mobile stables, visit the overview page where you can find out more and then purchase one of three available designs.