Terms & Conditions

  1. (a)  Your deposit is due with order and the outstanding balance is payable by cash, cheque, banker’s draft, internet bank transfer or credit card to our assembly team  on completion.    The amount of the deposit is 50% of the total purchase price which is shown on your order form or is otherwise stated in writing. We will be entitled to charge 4% per annum above the base rate of the National Westminster Bank Plc in respect of any outstanding amount.

    (b)  The ownership of the building will remain with Colt Stables until full and final payment has been made and in the event that the buildings are supplied are re-sold before all sums are paid Colt Stables shall be entitled to the proceeds of such re-sale or to claim for such proceeds.

  2. The purchaser grants us the right to re-enter his/her premises for the purpose of removing the buildings should the full payment not be made upon completion.  This permission cannot be revoked by the customer.
  3. Whilst Colt Stables endeavours to meet any agreed delivery date we reserve the right to change the agreed delivery date in the event of unforeseen occurrences and we shall not be liable to you for any loss or inconvenience arising out of a delayed delivery date.
  4.  All bases must be level and constructed in accordance with the plans and drawings provided by Colt Stables.  If in our opinion the base does not meet the required standards, we reserve the right not to erect the building and if any abortive visit/s are made to effect delivery, the Customer will bear the cost of subsequent deliveries which Colt Stables will invoice at the lower of actual cost or 25% of the contract price.  Payment in respect of such invoice/s must be made before a further visit is made to effect delivery.
  5. Access to the erection site must be unrestricted, including vehicular access to hard standing for the delivery vehicle no further than 25 metres from the delivery site and a working area of not less than 3 metres each side of the delivery vehicle for off-loading purposes.  If this is not possible it is the customer’s responsibility to provide a tractor and trailer or additional labour after discussing the issue with Colt Stables prior to delivery.  The hard standing and delivery site must be a safe working environment free of pot-holes, rubble and other dangers to our erection team, with a working area of at least 2 metres around the building.
  6. Colt Stables reserve the right to make changes or alter any of our buildings for the sake of improvement or to comply with current legislation.
  7. Sectional buildings are by their nature less able than permanent structures to withstand severe wind and weather.  Roofing materials are particularly susceptible to the weather conditions and may deteriorate and need to be replaced and/or maintained within the lifetime of the timber structure.  We exclude liability for any damage caused to our buildings by severe wind or extreme weather conditions.  Field Shelters are particularly vulnerable and we additionally exclude liability for any damage caused by wind or weather unless the mode of fixing down has been agreed with ourselves and confirmed by us in writing.
  8. All timbers are inspected at time of manufacture and we exclude liability for timber shrinkage, cracking, warping or the like.  Timber sizes quoted in our specifications, website, and brochure are the unplaned sizes.  The precise sizes of our buildings may vary from the website, brochure and price list depending upon the building construction.  Please refer to the elevated drawings or base plans for the accurate sizes.
  9. Our buildings are designed for, and supplied for, the purposes set out on our web site. catalogue.  If you purchase a building for a different use it is your obligation to draw this use to our notice in writing so that we can make sure the building is fit for purpose.  We accept no liability if you do not do so.
  10. Whilst our buildings are built to a satisfactory physical standard we do not warrant that they comply with current Building Regulations requirements.  It is your responsibility to determine whether Building Regulations approval will be required.  Where it is required we can improve the specification of the buildings for an additional fee but we can only do this before we receive your order and deposit.  When we know what is required we will provide a price for a compliant structure.
  11. Our liability shall in no circumstances exceed the contract price and unless we have otherwise agreed in writing we do not accept liability for consequential loses.
  12. Deposits can be refunded should work not commence on your goods.  We may however make a charge to cover our administration costs.
  13. Your Statutory Rights are not affected by these Terms and Conditions.

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