Enhance Your Stable With Optional Extras

One of the beauties of buying a stable through Colt is the ability to customise many elements of your finished product. Not only do you choose your ideal dimensions and size, but there are a number of enhancing features you can include for small additional cost – features that can add real value and character to your finished design. For 2014, we have increased the number of these add-ons to create a comprehensive stable design service.

Lined CanopyLined Canopy

For an additional cost we can line your stable/field shelter canopy with shiplap. This provides additional strength and support to your stable roof as well as extra aesthetic qualities. For every 3.6m run, it costs £75 to add the additional lining.

Double Doors

With all fixed stable buildings, you can upgrade a standard single stable door to double width for an additional fee. Our double width doors at the standard 2.1m height cost an extra £195, or you can upgrade to a higher 2.4m double door for £225. These double width doors can be a great way to provide extra space needed for larger animals or just make mucking out/hay store easier. Each door upgrade comes with fittings included.

Rear GutteringRear Guttering

If you are concerned about drainage, we can add rear guttering to any stable or field shelter unit for an extra £10.95 per metre run. If you live in a particularly wet part of the country, this rear guttering can be a great way to ensure the surrounding area of the stable stays dry and keep your stable block clean.

OS Board To Eaves

For our stable customers, we can fit additional 15mm thick OS kick board up to the building eaves. This extra strength can be useful for owners of larger or particularly boisterous horses as it further protects the inside stable walls from damage. This additional OS Board costs £165 and we’ll put it on all internal side walls.

Shelter GatesShelter Gates

Mobile field shelter customers have the option of adding a metal or timber gate to their shelters. Our gates both measure 2.4m across the shelter opening and are a great way to separate out your animals or keep them secure during the evening. Our lightweight metal gates cost £125 and the timber gates cost £175. Each price includes all the fittings needed.

Talk Grilles

For stables customers, we can add talk grilles to the internal partitions between each unit. Talk grilles can be a great way to create a more social environment for your animals whilst still giving each their own space. We offer two separate talk grill sizes – 1162mm x 864mm for £75 and the slightly larger 1727mm x 864mm for £125. All grilles are securely fitted and braced by Colt during stable construction.

Clear Roof Sheet

Let more natural light into your stables with a clear roof sheet fitted into the Onduline roofing. For £35 per unit, you can add a clear roof sheet to each stable partition. This is a really great way to brighten up the inside of the stable, making it a happier place for your horse to live and a more pleasant place for you to muck out in.

Additional Windows and Doors

If you would like to add an additional stable window to your unit, it costs an extra £75. Indeed, adding an extra stable window can be a great way to let more natural light into the partition and brighten up the living quarters for your horse. For more flexibility, you can also add an additional, single sized, stable door to the unit, giving you the choice of multiple entry and exit points. To add an additional stable door costs £250.

For more information on our additional upgrades download a brochure today or contact us here.